Natural Remedy for Kidney Stones: My Full Protocol

Natural Remedy for Kidney Stones: My Full Protocol

You''re going about your business, and suddenly, you feel pain coming from your side. It''s bad. Really bad. And getting worse by the minute. It isn''t long before you''re thinking you might need an ambulance.

That''s how kidney stones often hits. The location of the pain can vary, depending on if the pain hits as the stone is leaving the kidney, or if it hits as it''s on its way down the ureter. There are various treatments, including a very expensive treatment to vibrate and break up the stones, or even surgical removal.
Kidney stones are not pleasant. Look at those little buggers. Sharp and spiky, like they''re just made for torture! And those aren''t the nastiest pics I found on the internet, either. Yuck.

There are various types of kidney stones and things that cause them to develop, but there are many resources online where you can find that information. What I''ll be talking about here is instant pain relief and natural remedies for the stones.

My husband developed severe pain in his left side, and I knew instantly what it was. I immediately hit the pain with the "Morphine Bomb" recipe: 5 drops each of Young Living''s Idaho Balsam Fir, Copaiba, and Frankincense. We applied this topically over the pain, and in minutes, the pain was nearly gone.


He still felt some pressure, and kept feeling like he needed to use the bathroom, but the pain was under control. Meanwhile, I researched online to rule out other possibilities, primarily appendicitis, because as of this time, I''m not aware of oils that can prevent a ruptured appendix, and that''s a serious medical emergency. (If there is an oil for that, please leave a comment below, because I''d love to know, just in case.)

After running through the various positional tests that doctors normally do to diagnose appendicitis (which involves the person getting into certain positions while another person presses on points in the abdomen) it was clear this wasn''t appendicitis. [Note: I am not a doctor, and I''m not suggesting anyone avoid a doctor or the emergency room in this type of situation--this is just what we chose to do, based on our own research, gut feelings, and experience.]

Since my husband has a family history of kidney stones, and the symptoms fit perfectly, while nothing else seemed to, we decided to try treating it naturally, with essential oils. I believe we ended up giving him another "morphine bomb" internally, in a vegetable capsule, then I gave him capsules of Lemon oil and Purification. Based on testimonials I read, many people have had excellent results just using Lemon oil, and passed the stones within a few days. But his was a hard case. He also drank tons of water with Lemon in it. That is crucial! He was afraid to drink, because at first it causes some discomfort and extra trips to the bathroom. But that is the number one thing that even doctors say--drink a lot, and flush those buggers out! Very quickly, you''ll realize the water is helping the situation, not making it worse.

Lemon is great at eroding those little buggers--one testimonial I read spoke of passing a stone that came out as smooth as a bean! If you look at the picture above, you can see how amazing that is--ouch! Those things look nasty! No wonder why they hurt so bad.

My husband''s stones must have been large, because we treated it for over a week. He felt better, the pain and the feeling of needing to use the bathroom (and sometimes not producing anything) disappeared. During that time, we used a mix of Juniper, Geranium too, until that ran out, then reverted to Lemon and Purification again, which we had tons of. After a week, my husband decided he was fine, and stopped taking it.

The pain came back. *sigh* Rinse and repeat.

I told him not to stop taking the oils for at least two weeks. But every time he felt better, he''d eventually forget to stop taking the oils, and I forgot to make sure he was. We ordered the K & B supplement from Young Living, which is for kidney and bladder health. Tasted bad, according to hubby, but it helped. (Taking it in water is better than straight.) After two or three weeks solid of taking the Lemon and Purification, along with the K & B toward the end, his symptoms disappeared. He was not aware of the stones passing, so I don''t know if they broke up so small that he didn''t notice, or if they disappeared, or if they are still in there, just slowly eroding. Hubby is going to keep taking Lemon in his water every day forever, just to make sure they are gone, and that he doesn''t develop stones again.

The only time he needed pain oils was when he stopped taking oils and the pain resurfaced. Once treatment resumed each time, no more pain oils were needed. This may vary for others. Use the morphine bomb recipe as needed, either topically or internally, or both. Other pain oils could be Oregano, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Relieve It, or Deep Relief.

So if you or a loved one has a family history of kidney stones, I highly suggest keeping at least a couple of bottles of Lemon in the house. You never know when it will strike, and you won''t have time to order it--you''ll need immediate treatment, or else you''ll need to go to the emergency room. (Again, not dissuading anyone from doing that in the first place, just saying that in our case we felt like the oils enabled us to avoid it.) Though we ended up having to use a lot more oils to treat it than most people do (about $60 worth), we still saved a TON of money over traditional treatment. Most people''s co-pays for an ER trip would exceed that, not to mention follow up co-pays, possible surgical and doctor co-pays, gas and parking during the whole ordeal, and possible missed time off work and/or used up sick pay or vacation pay. Yikes!

Here is a full list of oils that can help treat kidney stones, according to my research:

K & B supplement

There may be more, but this is a great start. And Lemon oil is one of the least expensive oils, and is very cleansing in many ways, so it''s one every household should have a lot of on hand. If you don''t have vegetable capsules on hand (and every oiler should!), then just apply it topically and drink as much as you can stand the taste of, mixed in your water. Remember when using oils in your water, it should be in a glass jar or stainless steel container. (I use glass...water tastes yucky in stainless steel.) Have a lid on it so you can shake the water before each sip, as it will rise to the top. My favorite bottle in the world is the Lifefactory flip-top water bottles.

Be sure to ONLY get your oils from Young Living. They are the only company that grows their own crops and produces their own oil. They know what is happening to the oil, from Seed to Seal. There is no adulteration of the product to boost profits, no pesticides used, just pure natural goodness! All oils are tested to insure they have the properties necessary to give therapeutic results when the oils are used. If you put other oils on your skin or in your body, you cannot predict what kind of impact that could have on your health.